– COVID-19 Update –


May 14th, 2020

It’s been an amazing thing to watch the church never close during COVID-19 but instead, find innovating ways to continue to lead people toward an authentic pursuit of Jesus. Thank you for your flexibility as we have worked hard to play our part in pushing back the spread of this virus.

The elders and staff of GCC collectively recognize that these days are full of uncertainty and caution. Our choice to move forward with a phased regathering process comes with careful attention to what is permitted by government officials and by considering what is caring and loving for those around us.

We understand that some may be uncomfortable with the decision to gather in person, and give total freedom and encouragement for you to do what seems best, wise, and right for you and for your family. We ask that everyone be gracious with us as we seek to provide a safe and encouraging environment for our people to worship Jesus together.

Be advised: If you feel unwell or exhibit any symptoms, we encourage you to stay home. Older adults and persons with severe pre-existing health conditions are at increased risk.

Here is a simple guide to our regathering process…

    We know we can’t answer every question, but we want to address a few aspects of this regathering plan. We want you to know that this plan is flexible, and we can make changes as we see how COVID-19 impacts our city and state in the coming weeks as South Carolina leadership eases restrictions. In all we do, we want to encourage and leverage social distancing strategies to make sure and slow the spread of the virus. We also want to stress that there is no pressure from GCC for you to gather physically as we want you to take that step when you feel it is best for you and your family. We will have our digital House Church gatherings available for you permanently. Like you have heard so many times, if you have a fever or have been exposed to COVID-19, we ask that you refrain from our gatherings until you have clearance from your doctor.

    We have continued and will continue to make sure that our facility and all hard surfaces are clean and disinfected before and after you participate in any gathering in the coming months. We have a consistent and professional cleaning crew that has kept our facility clean and ready for the time when we would regather.

    We ask that when you arrive in our facility that you use our hand sanitizer provided. We ask that you limit greetings to elbow bumps, and please respect the space of other people at any event. Please know our greeters and parking lot volunteers will have masks and gloves as you arrive. Wearing a mask at any GCC gathering is welcome.

    We will phase GCC Kids back in phases. GCC parents, we will continue to send resources by email, so if you feel it best not to bring kids into service, you can worship from home. Please know your children are welcome at any of our family gatherings to worship with you. We ask that you help prepare them for new guidelines each month as we work together to adjust to each phase of regathering.

    In June, we will start regathering at 50% capacity, and by RSVP only so we can monitor service size and seat spacing. Please help us know when you are coming so, we can have seats ready for you and be prepared to help everyone have a meaningful and safe experience. RSVP links will be available by June 1 for you to make reservations each week. We already do not pass an offering plate since all our giving is online or dropped in a safe giving box, and we will not share in communion until August to limit physical contact with each other.

    More guidance for July and August will be provided as we see how our city and state do with reopening. You can see from the graphic what our plans are, but those are 100% flexible as we have more information.

    If you have questions or feedback, please email us at info@greenvillecommunitychurch.com or reach out to our staff personally from our leadership page. We love your feedback and advice and are thankful for you.

    Let’s all serve our neighbors well and lead people toward Jesus as we move forward.

    We are #Forgreenville

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