Remix Greenville is a space created for teenagers to come on monthly Sunday nights during the school year and take their next step toward Jesus. We keep the format simple – dinner, fun and games, worship, and teaching. Equip them with a Remix Adult Leader for intentional and relational discipleship throughout the school year. Our goal is to lead teens toward Jesus weekly and monthly and give them a great group leader to walk alongside them.

When school is in session, we are in session!
When school is out, we are out.

Check out our winter/spring 2022 schedule below:

The Character of Jesus, walking through the Gospel of John.

January 30th

The Character of Jesus: The Good News

February 27th

The Character of Jesus: The Miracles and Work

March 27th

The Character of Jesus: The “I am”

April 24th

The Character of Jesus: The World Versus Jesus

May 29th

The Character of Jesus: The purpose

The location will be distributed in the emails!

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COVID – 19 protocols:

As we navigate through Covid-19, I want to inform everyone we are doing the best we can by keeping the space clean and safe for the students to come for worship and fellowship. At this time, I am releasing the game plan for us, and we will slowly walk through it as we monitor this season. As well, we highly encourage and recommend you wear your mask at Remix for the time being so we might not spread any germs. If you are feeling sick, ill or anything like the sort, please stay home and recover. We don’t want you to spread any germs and we do not want to get sick.

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We are #Forgreenville

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