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COVID-19 has pushed us to rethink how we continue church when we have been asked to not gather in large groups. Our solution in this season is a practice as old as the church itself. We will gather in House Churches. Your home will become the hub of the church. Each week we have House Church we will broadcast a message, a guided prayer experience, and we will provide you a simple discussion and worship guide for season of prayer and sharing.

You can have a few friends over to worship together, you can invite neighbors, you can gather alone with your immediate family. It’s what is best for you and best for your home. You may also want to plan on sharing a simple meal together. From March 17 – March 30 we have been asked to keep gatherings at or below 10. Keep that in mind as you plan weekly.

Each Sunday we will post our House Church video teaching and discussion & worship guide here on this page.

House Church Week 2

You can download the House Church guide for this week and follow along below.

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