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When is comes to God we all have friends that have a real problem with God. Some aspect of God just does not make sense and that keeps them from even exploring faith. This is a series we have dedicated to skeptics and to Christians who want to ask some honest questions about God. What do we do about the problem of evil? Does God really exist? What about hell, can that be real? What if I don’t like what God says about sex? We are going to tackle some big problems so join us and bring your questions.

Here is what we are talking about and when!

Sept. 9 / The Problem of Science
Sept. 23 / The Problem of God’s Existence
Sept. 30 / The Problem of Evil & Suffering
Oct. 7 / The Problem of Exclusivity
Oct. 14 / The Problem of the Bible
Oct. 21 / The Problem of Hell
Oct. 28 / The Problem of Sex
Nov. 4 / The Problem of Hypocrisy

Go deeper…

If you want to go deeper we are suggesting to everyone that they go buy our friend Mark Clark’s book called the Problem of God. We built our series off of this help book written by a skeptic that became a follower of Jesus and eventually planted a church for people who had a problem with God! Get the Problem of God here today and start the journey with us over the next 8 weeks!

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Check out our friend Mark Clark’s book called the Problem of God.

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