Serve Weekend 2023

July 29 and 30 is Serve Weekend, and you can sign up today for a project!

We would love to connect you with a project to serve our city and meet some needs in our church together.

Families with little kids, we invite you to come to the GVL Block Party on July 30 from 5-7 PM at the Kroc Center with your kids so you can meet other families from Greenville that day as families in need get school supplies. Let’s not just help families in need; let’s hang out and encourage them.

Here are our projects for the weekend…

Saturday, July 29th

The Way Outreach Center Deep Clean Project // 9-12

Team Lead: Mike Kuckel

We will do a deep clean of the center that serves our neighborhood homeless population each day of the week to meet needs during the day. Carpet cleaning, window and bathroom scrub, chair cleaning, sorting needed areas.

GCC Kids New Preschool Room Addition // 9-12 at GCC

Team Lead: Emma Hartzog

We need to add space for our growing p[preschool area, but we have some sorting, cleaning, and painting that need to happen to open the room. We need a team to help prep this new area for the preschool team. We will need several folks with trucks to take stuff to donate!

Sunday, July 3oth

School Drive Supply Deliver and Give away Team / 4:15 PM at Kroc Center

Team Lead: Eric Addison

We need 2 teams (one to set up and kick-off event and one to take back half and tear down) that will give school supplies to families. We will be getting supplies to families and serving them directly.

Block Party Food Team / 4:15 PM at Kroc Center

Team Lead: Michael Bayne and Kelly Tripp

We need a team of people to help us serve dinner to our guests for the event. We are expecting to serve over 500 so we need a team ready to engage and encourage everyone that attends.

Block Party Greeter and Parking Team / 4:15 PM at Kroc Center

Team Lead: Chuck Tripp

We need two teams to help us greet people in parking lots, help monitor the event, help welcome people onto the Kroc Field and give directions. We will have two teams so that one can handle the setup, and one wrapping up event.

No gatherings on July 30 because we are in full SERVE mode that day!

You can sign up right here!

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