Renovation 2022


Over the years we have been steadily working to renovate our facility. We have added new windows, new HVAC systems, carpet, and a roof. We are now ready to take on our biggest challenge yet by adding bathrooms and bringing the rest of the space up to a place that enables us to use the whole building to serve others in our neighborhood.

This summer, through your generosity and sale of a small piece of land, we are going to…

  • Add new bathrooms to GCC Preschool.
  • Add new carpet and paint in GCC preschool area.
  • Remodel the sanctuary bathrooms.
  • Create a conference room and new carpet in office areas.
  • Fully renovate (bathrooms, carpet, ceilings, paint) the 2nd floor to expand GCC Kids (k-5)
  • Add new carpet and paint in all the main hallways and stairs.

We start this process on June 13 and we will have several chances for you to help in the journey with a few projects we are doing ourselves. Please know we are doing all of this debt-free and we are so thankful for your generosity.

Cover this next step in prayer and let’s get ready to reach new neighbors!

Have questions? Email with anything you need to ask!

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