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We believe everyone’s story matters and because of that, we want you to know the story of this community of faith. The story of Greenville Community Church is one that we could have never have dreamed up on our own. The truth is, our story is not just about one church it’s about two...

In 2017 Michael and Chelsea Bayne along with their daughters moved to Greenville, SC with a big dream of planting a simple church with a focused, life-giving vision. They longed to launch a church that’s whole mission would be to help people authentically pursue Jesus in community. After months of prayer, planning, and training 45 people linked arms on a launch team and in January 2018 Greenville Community Church began to serve the Cherrydale area as they gathered at the Cherrydale Regal Cinema weekly.

In 2015 Mike and Hope Kuckel and their children said yes to come and revitalize David Street Baptist Church in the downtown / Poe Mill area of Greenville. The church was founded in 1941 but over the years had hit difficult times. Mike and many other volunteers stepped into the church and brought new direction and new vision to serve their neighborhood and restart as a church. Over and over God used this new start to bring new life to people and the neighborhood!

In the fall of 2018, Greenville Community Church and David Street Baptist began to dream together and what the next chapter for both churches could be. Over several months both churches merged and united as one church, kept the name and vision of Greenville Community Church, and began to prepare for a new beginning together at 38 David Street!

We are excited about our journey ahead and we are making room for you to join us as we pursue Jesus in community. You can look at our staff page and see the united leadership team. You can follow us on social media and see where we are heading. You can check out what we believe and our values. You can subscribe to our podcast and hear from several of our communicators. The one thing I think you will discover is that we would love to be a small part of your story as you explore what it means to follow Jesus. We want to help you take your next step and we can’t wait to meet you! You can get details about visiting us right here.

We are #Forgreenville

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