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We relocated to Greenville, SC in June 2017 after sensing direction from the Lord to plant Greenville Community Church. After several years of leading at a church we love deeply in Clarksville, TN the reality of God birthing something new in our hearts could no longer be ignored. Before moving to Greenville we made several trips to Greenville to connect with folks and God birthed within us a love and vision for Greenville.

There are lots of churches in Greenville doing good things, yet there are thousands of people not connected to them. To reach people no one is reaching you have to do some things no one is doing and we are ready to reimagine church and create that place for people in Greenville. This is why we want to plant Greenville Community Church; to lead people toward an authentic pursuit of Christ in community.

We believe most churches desire to help lost people know Jesus and to disciple believers, so here are some distinctives of Greenville Community Church:

  1. Deep Community / We’ll be a people who love one another and our community well, not afraid to do the hard thing of loving those the world seems to have forgotten.
  2. Diversity / We want to be a reflection of heaven where diversity abounds; racial, ethnic, age, socioeconomic, etc.
  3. Team Leadership / We’ll lead Greenville Community Church together. We realize this is different for the area of Greenville, but God has called us here to serve, and we will give our hearts here.

Having a high school and middle school daughter along for the ride is the biggest blessing of all. We’re here because God has given us a clear calling, and we intend to run this race set before us.

- Michael & Chelsea

Michael & Chelsea Bayne - Greenville Community Church

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