Serve Saturday

During GO Month we wanted to invite you to get out in the community and serve on March 27! We have 2 projects ready to go for that Saturday. Below are the details and registration links. If you have any questions email and he can help point you in the right direction!

Mircale Hill Food Drive

Saturday, March 27th

On March 27, we are hosting a Miracle Hill food drive at the Ingles in Cherrydale. We need volunteers to help pass our food drive flyers to people coming into the store, inviting them to participate and also make sure the food gets to our facility each hour so it can be picked up on Monday of the following week. Select a time slot you can serve in and how many from your family will be serving.

Construction Project with Rebuild Upstate

Saturday, March 27th

On March 27, we are working with Rebuilt Update to help a local homeowner ad a wheelchair ramp onto their house so they can have safe entry and exit and stay in their home longer. There will be COVID-19 protocols so we can serve safely together. You don’t need great construction skills to help, just a willing spirit to learn and work hard. You must be 16 or older to serve on this project!

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